April 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes

There was a more powerful earthquake in Kumamoto at 01:25 on Saturday April 16, 2016, a day after an earlier tremor killed nine people.

Our tool collected the data about this event from social networks, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The following videos, images, links, and events are from the data collected by the tool.



Oita – 2016-04-17
{“Twitter”: 5, “Total”: 5}
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Tweet – “TwLandslide covers the main road connecting Oita and Kumamoto. Not helpful for Oita-based JSDF to aid in rescues.” – https://t.co/lry3kX4xN3


Japan – 2016-04-16
{“Twitter”: 994, “Total”: 1047, “YouTube”: 4, “Instagram”: 3, “USGS”: 46}
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Fast Moving Landslide



Minami Asomura – 2016-04-16
{“Twitter”: 78, “Total”: 78}
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Tweet – “Landslide I tweeted about is in Minami Asomura. Another major aftershock M4.2 happened 7 min ago, but intensity not so big, but bad enough.”
south-aso – 2016-04-16
{“Twitter”: 7, “Total”: 7}
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Tweet – “【BreakingNews】Following is reported: South-Aso bridge collapsed; massive widespread landslide at South-Aso Village #Kumamoto #earthquake”




Kyushu – 2016-04-14
{“Twitter”: 18, “Total”: 18}
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Tweet – “RT @Durf: Warning from @torindol_ui: watch for rockfall in Kyushu’s mountainous areas.” -https://t.co/gIoz8k9gjg


Landslide blocks Batote – Kishtwar highway

Mar 13 2016

“The Batote- Kishtwar Highway, connecting twin districts of Doda and Kishtwar with rest of the state, was closed again on Sunday morning when a huge landslide blocked the road at Ragi-Nullah – 21 km from Doda.

After remaining closed for 18 hours due to landslide and shooting stones at half-a-dozen places, the road was opened for traffic yesterday afternoon.

Today morning, a massive landslide and a huge boulder blocked the road near Ragi-Nullah on Batote-Doda stretch.

More than 150 passenger vehicles and those carrying essential commodities were stranded on both sides of the highway.”

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timestamp 2016-04-14 00:00:01
latitude 33.3115906
longitude 75.7662195
info {“Twitter”: 7, “Total”: 6}
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