Technology driven

Global Earthquake Model
Collaborators: Rui Pinho, Secretary General
Summary: The GEM Foundation is a public-private partnership that drives a collaborative effort aimed at developing and deploying tools and resources for earthquake risk assessment worldwide. Hundreds of organizations and individual experts, professionals and practitioners are working together on uniform global databases, methodologies, tools and open-source software.

SAHANA Software Foundation
Collaborators: Mark Prutsalis (Director, President and CEO); Prof. Louiqa Raschid (UMD, Director, Treasurer)
Summary: Open source software platform for disaster management practitioners. It allows tracking the needs of the affected populations and coordinating the responding agencies and their resources.

Collaborators: Prof. Naphtali Rishe (FIU)
Summary: TerraFly is a technology and tools for visualization and querying of geospatial data. The visualization component of the system provides users with the experience of virtual “flight” over maps comprised of aerial and satellite imagery overlaid with geo-referenced data. The data drilling and querying component of the system allows the users to easily explore geospatial data, to create geospatial queries, and get instant answers supported by high-performance multidimensional search mechanisms. TerraFly’s Application Programming Interface allows rapid deployment of interactive Web applications and has been used to produce systems for disaster mitigation, ecology, real estate, tourism, and municipalities.

Collaborators: David Kobia (Co-Founder, Director of Technology Development); Juliana Rotich (Co-Founder, Executive Director)
Summary: The Ushahidi platform is a collaborative project created by volunteers and managed by a core team on the premise that gathering crisis information from the general public provides new insights into events happening in near real-time. It is also expected to help organizations marshal efforts to assist areas that are not well covered in the mainstream media.