A new publication by GRAIT-DM team has been added

We added a new book chapter “Multi-hazard Detection by Integrating Social Media and Physical Sensors” developed by the GRAIT-DM team and published by Springer: see the Publications section of the portal.

Here is the abstract from the book chapter:
Disaster Management is one of the most important functions of the government. FEMA and CDC are two examples of government agencies directly charged with handling disasters, whereas USGS is a scientific agency oriented towards disaster research. But regardless of the type or purpose, each of the mentioned agencies utilizes Social Media as part of its activities. One of the uses of Social Media is in detection of disasters, such as earthquakes. But disasters may lead to other kinds of disasters, forming multi-hazards such as landslides. Effective detection and management of multi-hazards cannot rely only on one information source. In this chapter, we describe and evaluate a prototype implementation of a landslide detection system LITMUS, which combines multiple physical sensors and Social Media to handle the inherent varied origins and composition of multi-hazards. Our results demonstrate that LITMUS detects more landslides than the ones reported by an authoritative source.